About Me

I’m a gentleman hailing from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, who bravely sought new adventures far from home and ended up settling down 13 miles away in sunny Stourbridge. Website development is my chosen profession, something which I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life carving a living from. “Piss Artist”, as I’ve come to find out, doesn’t pay very well and isn’t generally seen as a good career choice either.

My interests are (hopefully) reflected on this website. Cooking and Baking are interests although if I couldn’t do either of these I would be forced to survive on ready meals. Forced to believe a lasagne from Tesco is how a lasagne should taste. The same with Car Mechanics, I’ve always loved cars but the day I was told it’d cost £250 to service my small Peugeot 107 I decided to learn how to service it myself. Retro Gaming is another interest, but that doesn’t mean I ignore the games that are comming out today (no matter how bloated, convoluted and watered down they may be).

About This Website

This website, at the time of writing, is intended to be a place that I can write things down. Things I’ve thought about, things I’ve worked out, things I’ve discovered, and hopefully put down in such a way that it will be useful for people to reference or read for their own enjoyment. Although I’m not sure how much enjoyment you’ll get from reading why computer games today are utter tosh. But hey, whatever floats that boat of yours.

It’s a currently evolving process as well. The intention is to – at some point – link this to a YouTube account where I hope to make videos as well to support the content on this site. But right now you’re going to have to make do with text and the odd Instagram post!